Monday, June 24, 2013

Isn't Redbook for "Older" Women?

Magazines often review things. They contain articles with reviews of makeup, wrinkle creams, swimsuits, shoes, perfume, etc... but when does everyone ever review a magazine?

Here at Confessions of a Hairstylist I figured it was about time someone did such a thing! Plus myself and 25 of my friends got a one year subscription of the all new Redbook free from House Party, so I figured why not!

Before being reintroduced to the all new Redbook I categorized Redbook as an old lady magazine. I don't know why, or if I had ever read a Redbook but in my head it was a magazines that older women read. Not that I am a teen or young 20 something but I just felt it belonged right next to AARP magazine.

Then comes my opportunity to host a House Party and get (and 25 to give away) a Redbook magazine subscription! With my party pack I received a free issue, which was tons of fun to flip through and check out. I was thrilled with the quality of the content ranging from fashion to healthy eating and saving money!

One of the things that really caught my eye was the fashion part of the magazine. I was clothing for real women, on trend, and fitting a variety of budgets! The clothes were also rather modest, which appealed to my taste! I don't like flipping through a magazine and seeing partially naked models showing us what to "wear".

I also enjoyed July's article on foods that nutritionists swear by! Being on a health kick (28 lbs gone!) I am very intrigued as to what kinds of foods I should and should not be eating! Are avocados really okay to eat? Does cinnamon boot my metabolism? I got answers to lots of my questions in just this one article.

The last thing I really liked was the balance of advertisements versus articles in the magazine. Most "fashion" magazines are mostly ads and a few articles sprinkled in. Redbook has really found the balance so that you are getting actual content in the magazine, not just obnoxious amounts of advertisements!

I highly recommend that you go to your local new stand/ check out line/ bookstore and check out the all new Redbook magazine! There are lots of informative, entertaining, and educational articles. There had to be one that you will enjoy!

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