Friday, July 1, 2011

These are a few...well...29 to be exact!

Tomorrow it is officially the month of my birth, or today if you are reading this after midnight. Either way it is again that time of year where I grow one year older. I really am having no problems with this at all. I think that is one thing my mother taught me, things get better as we get why fret about it?

This year, on the 29th day of July, I will turn 29. Thus making it my golden birthday. So, for the month of July we will do things that revolve around the number 29. Fun right? I think so! I am also starting a year long project on my birthday... but you will have to wait for that one!

So today, 29 days away from my 29th birthday I am going to give you a list of my 29 favorite things right now. I wish I was rich like Oprah and could give you all of the things, but unfortunately I am not.  But I will try to provide links if you wish to obtain these things or honor the things by liking them and showing some love on facebook.

My 29 MOST FAVORITE things at this moment, in no specific order:
(list subject to change, probably as often as my hair color) 

My PINK room
  • Red Mango Frozen Yogurt -probably the most delicious summer treat I have experienced in a long time. Only 30 calories per ounce!
  • Lush Cosmetics -its a mini spa visit every time you go! I got the cupcake mask, aqua marina face wash, and mint julips lip scrub!
  • Iro Custom Cosmetics -who wouldn't have fun mixing their own custom shadows, lip sticks and bronzer?
  • Undulating Irons- get a sexy, humidity proof summer hair style! I bought mine on e-bay for $9.99 and its ceramic! 
  • VS Pink-  a constant in my life. I don't know if anyone has researched addiction to comfy clothes, but I may for sure have one... especially if they are PINK! I even have a room decorated in the stuff!
  • Redken Chemistry Treatments -unless you are a stylist you can not buy them, but you can come get one from me at the salon, only $11 and it rebuilds your hair from inside!
  • Starbucks- probably will always be on the list, but my new love is the Iced Via packets! I can make iced coffee at home when I'm running late! 
  • Cibu Ancient Serum- Not only good for your hair, but great for your skin too. Not as heavy as Moroccan oil, and not as expensive either!
  • Lily belle locks- my go to place for feather extensions. Super nice and very accommodating for ordering!
  • Dansko shoes- so comfy! Great for people who are on their feet all the time. Thank goodness clogs are back in so they look stylish too!
  • For the love of Scarves- she makes the cutest stuff! She has expanded to Angry Birds, Mario, and even bacon styled winter wear!
  • Miche Bags- you can change the look of your purse to match every outfit, and you don't have to empty it out! SCORE! I'm giving you my rep's FB link, she can get you some great deals!
  • Scentsy- they are all the fragrance without the flame, and they smell amazing! Again, my rep's FB page for you to order from!
  • Hair Royalty gear- a great option if you are looking for a super fantastic birthday present for me. All the stuff is pretty cool, and I love their mission!
  • Kandee Johnson- fellow blogger, you tuber, make-up artist. She is sweet and inspirational. Truly loves Jesus and making people pretty, just like me!
  • eShatki - *disclaimer* I have never ordered from them myself, but my friend has and she is addicted. Its clothes, specially made, tailored to fit your body, modified the way YOU want, for very reasonable prices ($70 dresses!)
  • NetFlix- we subscribed to the Netflix stream on our PS3 and it has completely changed the way we watch television. I haven't turned on the regular channels in months. We don't have cable, and only pay $8 a month to watch pretty much whatever we want! Its so stinking awesome! it also works on the iPad, and our iPhones!
  • House Party- an awesome website where you get chosen to host partied unveiling products. You get tons of free stuff when chosen, and its FREE!
  • OPI Shatter- amazing effect from a nail polish! Looks great, and helps mask chips in your mani/pedi! Great thinking!
  • 1 Sale a Day- a crazy site that brings you one amazing deal a day. I know someone who ordered a topaz ring for $9.99. She said it was beautiful. Like them on FB to see the daily deals.
  • AWESOME!- yes, that's the name to my favorite cleaner. It degreases, removes stains, and you can usually get it for around $1 at your local dollar store.
  • Roasted Garlic and Black Bean tortilla chips- made by Tostidos, I am completely addicted and in love! With taco dip or Guacamole you can't beat it!
  • Its a 10 plus Keratin- great leave in product for crazy over processed or weak hair. Just don't use it too much, the Keratin is like protein, you can have too much of a good thing! I also use the shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and styling serum a lot at work!
  • iPhone- need I say more? I thought I loved my android, then I got an iPhone. I can now truly experience love of my electronics. You can't beat a phone and iPod
  • What a Tease- I've loved this 'lil gem for almost 2 years now. All the height you could imagine without the work and damage of teasing your hair.  It truly is backcomb in a can!
  • Glee- One show I can always count on to make me smile. I love musicals, love the songs they do, love everything about it!
  • 5 Below- my new favorite dollar store, they have phone accessories, beauty, clothing, toys, seasonal, candy, etc and nothing is over $5.
  • Wedges- a pretty general one but defiantly captures my heart. I love wedges, hate heels. so comfy and so many cute styles!
  • Jergens Natural Glow- the ONLY way to stay tan. After watching a plethora of videos on malignant melanomas I will forever get my tans out of a bottle. Usually around $8 I have found it at 5 Blow... just a hint!
Okay, I am not going to lie, that was actually kind of hard to come up with. I don't know how Oprah did it every year.

I hope you have fun searching those links and loving all the things that I do! July is going to be fun on Confessions... just you wait and see!


  1. Awwwww. You love me!

    See, I read your blog!!

  2. Awwww I'm so excited to be on here :) this really made my day!!!

  3. This is a really great list, thanks for putting me on it too! Caroline, from Lilybelle Locks :)