Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shaveless Summer!

If you are like me you really, really dislike shaving! Maybe its because my legs are really long, and my shower is extremely small. Or possibly the cuts, razor burn, and inevitable missed spot on the back of your ankle... whatever it is I dislike shaving a lot!

Even to the point where I put it off for weeks! Thank goodness I don't wear shorts right?

Well, the putting off of shaving was a benefit when I got my Veet Easy Wax system free from
Influenster! Your hair has to be around 1/2 an inch for it truly to be effective when you use the system! So, seeing as how it had been almost 2 weeks since I last shaved I was in a good spot! 

I was so excited when I got it... and then I remembered, this means I have to wax my legs! EEK! I usually dread the mess and stickiness of waxing! Even being a cosmetologist and being trained in waxing there is just no avoiding the mess that occurs when you spread hot wax on a large part of your body!

Not with the Veet Easy Wax system though! The system is self contained which means you don't have to touch the wax! It glides on smoothly and mess free! The system also controls its own temperature so there is no worries about it being too hot, or not hot enough! Once it warmed up it stayed warm enough to continue using, which was nice.

Now I'm not going to lie, waxing is not a pleasant feeling! What I did find though was after the first strip, the following ones got easier and easier! They still hurt but it wasn't that bad! 
I couldn't believe how effective the wax was at removing the hairs, and how easy the whole process was!

Clean up was also a breeze as they included so clean up wipes to rub on your legs after to remove any sticky residue!

My legs were so soft and smooth after using the Veet Easy Wax system! Now I get wait 4 more weeks before I get to do it again, and thats not be being lazy! Waxing should last about 4 weeks! How awesome is that?

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