Wednesday, July 10, 2013

boogie your Gluten Free buns

Have you ever considered or have you already decided to go gluten free? Eating gluten free has become popular in the last 5 years, and it has been discovered that it can help with numerous health issues ranging from Autism to Eczema. Gluten is found in almost everything now a days! Bread is an obvious culprit but did you know cheese has gluten in it? Crazy right?

Thanks to House Party  I got to host a Udi's Gluten Free party for our friends and youth group here in Ohio! We got a rootbeer keg, a ton of hot dogs, and some awesome Udi's Gluten Free hot dog buns! We live in the middle of no where so I had to travel about 20 mins away to find the buns, and I had to ask a store clerk because they were stored in the freezer, but once we got them all the work was totally worth it! Unlike regular hot dog buns the Udi's buns were very big, which was great because they could handle lots and lots of toppings for our hot dogs!

The buns were texturally different than a regular buns, but the taste similar to what a bakery bun would taste like! We didn't tell the youth students they were gluten free until after they had tried them, and their response was favorable! They kept on enjoying the buns even after we told them they were gluten free! They didn't even know such products existed or that there was a need for them, so it was a great opportunity to explain the products and why there would be a need for them! I LOVE having a reason to explain different things to our youth group students so this was lots of fun for me!

As you can see they also enjoyed some pool time at our Boogie Your Buns Udi's Gluten Free party, and the buns kept them full and energized long enough to play games, be in and out of the pool, and just be kids for over 5 hours!

They loved dancing and playing rootbeer pong with one another, which is one of our favorite youth group outreach activities! Its a great way to show them they can have fun and play "popular" games with out having to consume alcohol! It was so great to open their horizons to all of these great things, and all 30+ students had
a ton of fun! Our adult youth leaders had fun and enjoyed the Udi's buns too! A lot of our leaders are very health and diet conscious so they were very excited to try an alternative to regular bread!I told them about all the other cool products I discovered like the BBQ sauce, chocolate chip muffin tops, and even pizzas that Udi's Gluten free makes!

If you are interested in trying out some awesome gluten free products you can check out Udi's website for products and a location near you where you can find them! I would also suggest just keeping your eyes open at your local grocer because I found the products at stores near me that weren't on their store locator!

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