Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1986 Called, It Wants It's Hairstyle Back.

I don't know if its just Rockford, or perhaps its nation wide, but apparently there are a large group of people who believe its still 1986.

My mantra in hairstyling has always been "saving the world, one mullet at a time." So you can imagine the skin crawling, gag reflex when someone comes in and tells me "I want it really short on the sides, a little longer on top... oh, and don't cut the back. I'm trying to grow it out." Or there is always the popular "can you feather the sides and the back for me?" Yes, I can... doesn't mean that I would like to. The mullet wasn't attractive when Billy Ray Cyrus came on the scene sporting it, and it became even less attractive when David Spade starred in Joe Dirt.

But the mullet isn't the only request I get when it comes to 1980s hairstyles. You can't forget the feathered bangs, the puffy bangs, the spiky in the back and really long in the bang area, the duck tail in the back, the plastered in hairspray scrunched look, the big hair a'la 1980s hairband. (Although I must say that with some of the 80s coming back that the big hair is being revamped through scene kids.)

Either way NONE of these things are attractive. The 1980s were a very ugly decade and it is NOT meant to make a come back, especially with hairstyles. So do no expect me to keep my mouth shut if I think that your haircut is a monstrosity. I will voice my opinion... that is the reason that most of my clients like me. I don't keep my mouth shut. I WILL tell you what I think. I will also ask you not to tell people where you get your haircut. I just don't want everyone in Rockford (and surrounding metropolitan areas) who rocks the mullet or shemullet or the feathered look coming in to the salon asking for me. I just can't do it, I will quit the business if I become the mullet queen!

Now, I know not everyone shares my distaste for the mullet. I have a friend who is obsessed with mullets, she loves them. The more hideous the better for her... but she also loves midgets, and a midget with a mullet is like winning the lottery for her. Either way she is a bit eccentric... so you truly shouldn't trust her taste level. (love you NK)

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  1. LEAVE THE MULLET ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! Its a work of art!!!!!!!! Blasphemy I tell ya! :oP