Friday, October 15, 2010

5Bc (brown copper) Should Be a Leaf Color!

Fall has to be my favorite season.

I love so many things about the perfect fall. I love the crisp weather, I love the leaves changing colors, I even love the look of bright yellow, red, and orange leaves fallen on the road and in yards. It really makes you look at your neighborhood in a different light. I love pumpkins, and apple cider. I love football games and the smell of burning leaves!

I love fall hair. Redken has this newer line of Brown Copper that is beautiful. If you come into my salon in the next month and ask me to do what I think will look good, you will get brown copper or brown red hair! The colors are rich and beautiful, they are just like the beautiful leaf colors.

Fall has to be my favorite season.

Ah, seasons...

Most of the time now, when I hear the word season I don't think spring, summer, fall, winter. I think a patch of someones life that is good/bad/indifferent. I think of someone telling someone "oh, its just a season... you'll get through it." Most of the time I don't mind this use of the word. Sometimes "season" is a good way to describe what you are going through. Most of the time this "season" of your life will pass quickly, within three to four months, just like a regular season.

What if it doesn't though?

What if this "season" lasts through fall, winter, and then heads on into spring and summer. What if this "season" loops through a second year and it has still to pass. Good for us if it is a good season, not so good if it is a rough one. A few of these bad seasons are the type of thing that can push people away from their relationship with God. When its rough patch after rough patch you begin to wonder if God truly DOES love you.

(I am about to bear my heart to you here. Please be nice to it)

Since getting married things have been hard for my husband and I. He got hurt at work three weeks after we got married, and after being on disability for six months, he lost his job. Pile this on with traffic issues, a bad economy, and constant physical pain... lets just say it was hard for him to find steady income.

Finally he found a job in the career of his choice (youth pastor) and we packed up our stuff, our lives, and our puppies in a U-haul and moved to OH. I'll leave that story for another soul bearing blog, but just suffice it to say that it didn't work out. We were hurt. We moved back to IL. I was able to jump back into my salon, but again my husband had a hard time. That was a year ago now, and although its not perfect yet, things are looking up.

I truthfully believe that with God all things are possible. I have been the majority of the income for us for the last 3 years, and although when I think about it I don't understand how I could ever do it... somehow it works out. We have a roof over our head, cars to drive, and food in the fridge. We even find a little extra money for Internet so that I can share my life with all of you!

I just want you to know, whoever you are, whoever I needed to write this for that it WILL be okay. Whatever it is that you need, whatever it is that you are going through, God will provide.

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah 58:10-12

We have made it through financial struggles, break-ins, legal woes, multiple moves and relocations, encounters with pure evil, and the strain that these things have put on our marriage. We aren't in the clear, at all, but I can see the light. Things are looking up, and we made it.

Although not on our own at all. God has held our hands through the entire "season".... long as hard as it may have been.

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