Sunday, January 16, 2011

Its kinda a BIG DEAL!

So, this week was crazy at work, I don't know if people started getting their tax money, or if the holiday blues had set in. Either way it was super busy, which is good! To top it all off, something VERY fun happened to me! I was in OK Magazine this week!

Now, it wasn't any special celebrity drama. I am not having Charlie Sheen's baby or loosing my child cause I bet my boyfriend on 16 and Pregnant, it was something much more fun! I was the featured reader pic! My salon was mentioned maybe my following weeks will be even busier.

(I know the picture is fuzzy, just go to the news stand and pic up a copy... you'll be glad you did!)

I also want to thank you all for entering the drawing for the hat. It was fun to be able to pair up with For the Love of Scarves. She is a talented and wonderful friend. If you need any crocheted items, like a sock monkey hat, she is your lady! My goofy husband LOVES his sock monkey hat, and every time he wears it he gets lots of compliments!

Now here's your favorite, a funny tale of my hair doing! This week I had a first time client come in. She saw one of my girls at work and loved her hair, so she decided to come see me. (Clients who send referrals are the BEST by the way!) She seemed pretty normal, until we got to talking. She lived out in the country for 40 years of her life and had recently moved into the city due to a divorce. In this first time conversation the client proceeded to tell me about her pain pump, lack of sex drive, numerous tattoo experiences in the last year, and the kicker... she got "down below" pierced! Now, she is not the ONLY person I know who has this, so that in itself was not a big surprise, but she is 45 years old... that's a lil strange to me.

I just want to assure you all that my recent fame (lol) will not change my attitude or my love for all of you.  I will not charge more to do your hair, and Ill try to stay out of rehab... I don't think I'd get along well with Lilo! I just like the idea of being kind of a big deal :)

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