Friday, December 3, 2010

What's it worth to you?

Sometimes getting your hair done the way you want it can be expensive.

Today a client came in with long black hair. Of course she had colored it with black box color, and wanted a nice beige blond color. We took the time and explained to her nicely everything it would take to even get the black out of her hair, and to even get it close to a caramel color. Then she looks at the stylist and says "so, that will be like $40 right?" I thought I was going to die laughing. Multiply that by 4 maybe... if we are being nice.

The thing is that my salon isn't even expensive. We are super reasonably priced and cut most people really good deals, but when you come in with hair down to the middle of your back and need 2 to 4 processes done to get your requested result, what are you expecting? Of course she said she had to step out and see if it was okay with her mom, and never came back. I'm sure we will see her in a week or so to fix whatever it is that she attempts to do on her own, or whatever the bargain basement salon in the back of our building does to it. Either way though she can add another $40 to the price quote that we gave her because now it becomes a color correction which may take even more time.

Here is a good way to figure out what you are being charged for when it comes to your hair: take their adult female haircut price and multiply it by 5. That is more or less what you will be paying, per hour, of your stylist's time. Now don't go throwing this figure around to every Stacy, Heather, or Rachel that does hair. That is about what I figure that my time is worth.

You also need to keep in mind that unless the owner of the salon does your hair, it is not 100% profit for your stylist. You have to subtract the chemical and styling product cost, the booth rental or commission portion that goes to the owner of the salon, and in some places the portion of the utilities that the stylist pays. So even though $100 for your hair color may seem expensive to you, your stylist may make a whole $50 for the entire 2 hours it took her to color your hair.

Keep in mind, if you love your stylist and really want this look you are after, money should not be an object. If it is you should ALWAYS ask your stylist what he or she can do to get you close to achieving that look within your stated budget!

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