Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh for me? Thank you so much!

Its that time of year again, the time of year for pretty lights and sparkly ornaments. The time for egg nog and snow storms, for giving what we can and trying to look our best while doing it.

Its also that time of year when you wonder what is appropriate and appreciated for your favorite service providers as a Christmas present. (I am doing this blog early in the month so you can make sure to follow accordingly.) Wait, Christmas present? Am I supposed to give my stylist a Christmas present?

If you have a long standing relationship with your stylist, she has been doing your hair for a year or more, has always come through for you and keeps you looking hawt... then yes. A Christmas present is very much appreciated! I'm not saying go out and buy them something, or make them cookies... because we all know in this world who has time to think about what to get your stylist, and cookies... well they make us fat! (Okay, you could bring me cookies... cause I love homemade gifts.) The usual is cash. A bit extra of a tip when you see them around the Christmas season.

Now we all know times are tough, and I am not going to go all out there like an article I read and say your tip should be as much as your regular visit would cost, although that would be nice. I am just saying may be an extra 10-20 dollars, if you have it, is always greatly appreciated. Now, if you are always an extraordinary tipper, I don't think you need to go way above and beyond what you normally do, if at all. We know how much you love us, if you always give us a $20 tip.

Now, don't take this as stylists being greedy. The before mentioned article also said that you should gift your mailman $20, which is the max amount they can take as a gift. They also mentioned giving gifts to the following people (grab your pen and pencil, and get ready to take out a 2nd mortgage): garbage men, school teachers, cleaning lady, landscaper, paper delivery person, office assistant, boss, regular food delivery person... and the list goes on. As this may get a little expensive, I can understand why people may not get into the spirit and give gifts to all their favorite service providers. I would say though, that those that are most important to you, the ones who keep you beautiful, we may enjoy a homemade baked good every now and then :)

My mom used to leave a case of beer outside for the garbage men, and food gift cards for the mailman. I was trained well!


  1. My mailman changes every other week, lol! And hey, while we're at it...what IS the average (expected) tip percentage for a hairstylist anyways? I always thought it was about the same as a waitress/waiter (15%).

  2. I would say 20%. You always do a good job Renee. Don't worry!

  3. Whew ok, 20% of my $16 deal is $3.20, lol. Had to do the math! I think I nromally do $4. I hate eating out just because I'm never sure what's a good tip. I never get my nails done, and back YEARS ago when I used to, I never tipped, oops!