Saturday, April 3, 2010

Boxes and Boxes of Black

If there is one thing I loathe in life it is black box color.

Black box color is probably THE #1 pain in my life when it comes to doing hair. It makes it even MORE a pain in my life when people do multiple applications of box black. Then these people come into the salon expecting glamorous platinum hair. Be it in highlights or all over, either way its almost never going to happen if you have dumped a $5 box of black on your head.

Box red is also a pain. Red is a pain because it is the color that fades the fastest, yet when you try to remove it you will almost always end up with orange.

But, anyway, back to the box black... I had a client come in today for highlights. I have highlighted her hair before, but every time she starts to get a little root she dumps a box of black on her hair, then comes in for highlights. Of course she wants them as light as mine, and she always wants them is the same-ish locations. Well this means that her poor hair has been bleached, blackened, bleached, blackened then bleached again. (Not to mention the very large chunk of her hair that she cut out because her son got gum in her hair). So again today I give my five minute lecture on how horrid this is to her hair and put her highlights back in. To my surprise they actually turned out decently light, but with a yellow cast of course. So I apply toner, shampoo, and bring her to my chair.

Now people, when we as hair stylists give you advice it is NOT for our health, or pocketbook, or anything else. We usually care about your hair, and your appearance,and the fact that if you keep doing what you are doing your hair will most likely break off. I mention this because this is EXACTLY what is happening to this client's hair. Thank God for liability releases, cause she was loosing hair in chunks. Not right at the root, but for sure about 4 inches of the ends in most spots.

So like I said, please heed the warning of your hairstylist. Listen to what we say and don't do what we BEG you not to do, or you WILL end up bald, and it just costs you more money in the long run!

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