Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas Present to You

On my Facebook page (you can find the link ---->) I posted my Christmas present to all of my readers. As me any question you have about hair and I will answer it...

Well, although I had a lackluster response I figured I will still go through with it, because it was a promise... so here we go!

1.Why does hair turn gray??? 
Well let me tell you a story. Yale did a multi-million dollar research project on said question, (okay, I don't know if it was Yale, but it was a prestigious ivy league college) and here is the answer to the question... old age and stress. SERIOUSLY! They could have paid me a hundred thousand and I would have gave them that answer. Anyway, through time your hair follicle stops producing pigment, and when that happens it turns gray. Graying early can mean one of two things, you have bad bad genes or you were overly stressed as a child. Either way you can't fight it, except to have a really good hairstylist!

2. How come when u style my hair it is so cute but when i try it looks horrible??? 
There is no way to answer this question without sounding pretentious, so I'll just tell you the truth... because I spent $15,000 to go to beauty school. STOP HATING! 
Just kidding! Seriously though as much as people thing we are just trying to sell product, well to sell product, they truly do work better. We refer to them as liquid tools and the right one can make anyones hair look great. Paired with the right shampoo and conditioner, and a flat iron that gets as hot as mine does... you look FIRE when you leave the salon.

3. How to beat the frizz without weighing down your hair or making it look oily.
"Frizz" can mean different things to different people. If you are talking about the little baby fly aways that peak out all over the place those can be tamed by a light mud or shine syrum, you just have to find the right one. Redken's Matte Sponge is a great one that is NOT heavy or oily what so ever, and BedHead's After Party is another great product that won't weigh down or look oily. If you are talking about the unstyled crazy hair that you wake up with every morning, then the answer is styling. Unless you are asian or a specific breed of hispanic NO ONE wakes up with pretty, smooth hair. Heat, product, and a little bit of time are the only ways to turn crazy hair into nice hair. This may take some trial and error, trying different things, but eventually you will figure out the right combo for your hair. Lastly if you are talking about the "I have done everything you mentioned Heather and it still is frizzy" hair, then its probably regular trims and maintaining a haircut that is the right length for your hair type.

4. Does heat REALLY damage hair?

Too much heat and unprotected heat, yes. If you have fine hair and blowdry your hair on high without putting anything in it your hair will become a crazy hot mess. If you iron your hair on 495 degrees three times a day without putting a heat protectant on you will start with little white dots on the ends of your hair. Then eventually it will just break off.*Sidenote, funny personal story* Three years ago I was flat ironing my hair and not paying attention and I heard SIZZLE... yeah, the whole right side of my head fried off, shriveled up, and looked like brillo on the side of my head. My flat iron had malfunctioned and gotten so hot on one side that it burnt the ceramic. Bad day.This is when my hair got cut short, into the Bob.* If you use a heat protectant of some sort every time you iron, get regular trims, use conditioner, and maintain a healthy level of heat for your hair then you should have no problems.

5. I know perms are very popular with the old lady crowd, but do you think they'll ever be back in style for the younger crowd?
I have been excited to answer this question since I saw you post it! YES! THEY ARE NOW! I know you are like "hold up, I never see girls with perms anymore." That is because you are picturing the 1984 crazy curly perm. I am talking about a softer more wavy perm, sometimes called a body wave. If done correctly with larger perm rods than that of the older crowd, they can turn out beautiful and classy looking. 

Well, there you go girls. All the worlds hair questions answered... lol... 

Christmas blog coming soon, this week will be crazy! Wish me luck! (oh and I ran into CBDL at the grocery store today, she kissed my arm... CREEPY!)

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