Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taking what she's given cause she's working for a living...

There is a difference between a job and a career.

I love helping people discover what area of work is best for them. Its always fun to listen to someone and help them see what they love doing and would be really good at. When you get into a position like that it should be your career. The thing you can dedicate your life to and be proud to say that you do.  Once you obtain said career your ultimate goal is always to obtain your dream job in that career. That coveted position that you dreamt of having from the minute you figured out what it was that you wanted to do with your life.

A job is the thing that you are doing just to make money. It may be while you are in school learning to do what you want your career to be, or it may be just something between career positions. You will know its just a job because it does not fulfill you. Its kinda that thing you hate going to every day, and watch the clock until your hours are completed.

So whats this about? (Because this is always about that!)

It always baffles me when someone talks about how much they want their dream job, how they can't wait to work at "insertdreamcompanyhere" and yet, they can not succeed at their current position.

If you can't show up on time, complete your assigned tasks with excellence, have a positive attitude, and excel at your current position... what makes you think that you deserve your dream job?

I believe that you should work ANY job as if it were your dream job. If you work at McDonalds, do your best at whatever it is that you do there. If you fail at even the most mundane tasks, and can't work with pride and professionalism there, what is to make anyone believe that you would do well at your dream job?

So do what you do with pride, work well with others, and pretend that it is your dream job! Maybe one day you can stop pretending and you will wake up and realize you have your dream job!

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