Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heather, you ARE a people person.

There are some days I feel like I picked the wrong profession. Not because I don't LOVE what I do... but because sometimes I dislike people. Seriously!

I was having this discussion with my boss and coworkers the other day after a continual onslaught of difficult people sitting in my chair. These weren't just my regular difficult ones either. Were talking about 50 year old men who REFUSE to remember how they get their haircut and make me go through a million questions before we figure it out (You would think if you have been getting your haircut for 49 years or so you would remember how they did it every time), and people who come in, clearly speak english and spanish, yet IGNORE me when I address them as they walk in.

My boss looked at me and said "Heather, you are a people person." I said "no, I'm not. I hate people." Then he repeated again "Heather, you are a people person."

Its true, I am a people person... but sometimes I can't handle people. Mostly the difficult ones, but usually all of them when I am in such a mood.

Such a mood usually hits when on a Saturday morning two of our most notorious clients are in at the same time. One of them is a "Massage Therapist" and the other has a "Craigslist Business". Neither of these truly explain what these women do, but I will let you use your imagination to figure that one out (and no, this isn't an assumption, its been discussed with them in open conversation). The one can't sit still and is screaming from one end of the salon to the other, and the other's child is screeching at the top of his lungs while hurling an empty soda bottle across the salon for his older brother to pick up.

Both of these are difficult situations to handle, as I am not either of their mother's and shouldn't have to correct their, or their children's behavior, yet I find myself doing it all the time.

I also hits when people leave a tip of $1.10 for three haircuts and oh so politely say "You can just split the change between the three of you" like they are doing ME a favor with their .36666666666667 cents. How exactly do you expect me to split that sir?

Last but not least (and really not the last thing that makes me hate people, but the last I will get into tonight as I am incredibly sleepy) is when people TELL me I can cut their hair. "Well, you can cut my hair". I have caught myself more than once saying "are you telling me or asking me", because it is rude to tell me I can cut your hair. I was told I could cut your hair by the state of Illinois when I filed for my Cosmetology License and took the state board and passed with a 97%. I was also told I could cut your hair when my parents and I paid $15,000 to Educators of Beauty for my education.

I know I can cut your hair, thanks for telling me... now go sit down and wait for someone else, cause I am NOT in the mood to deal with you today!

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