Thursday, July 1, 2010

I have a nose too!

I know I am not a parent, so I am probably the last person ever who should give parenting advice, so lets call this listening advice. When you are thinking about getting your child's haircut...
Probably the biggest challenge we face at our salon would be kids. From 2 to 16 they can be a challenge sometimes. They don't want a haircut, they want it short, they want it long, they are tired, they are sweaty and smelly, they need a diaper change. Anyway you look at it most children cause us stylists some sort of angst.

I do believe this problem could be solved by listening. If your child is showing the signs of being tired or ill, it is probably NOT the best time to bring them in for a haircut. This usually leads to crying and a fit once they get into my chair. This just causes trauma, which leads to fits and crying in subsequent haircuts. When you force your child to constantly get their hair cut in a way they don't like, then they are never going to want to get a haircut. Talk over options with your child, ask them what they would like their hair to look like. If your child wants it short, but you want it long, they will take matters into their own hand. You will wind up with this on your hands:
No one looks good with this haircut! That also leads me to me... or well, who ever may be cutting your child's hair. Sometimes the stylist is your best friend when it comes to getting your child's hair cut. We deal with screaming children on a daily basis, we also deal with hair all day long. If I make a recommendation for your child to try to sit alone, or maybe on your lap its usually because I can judge what will work better for us all. I also can judge cowlicks and hair texture pretty well, so maybe ask me what I think would look best on your child. If your baby boy has stick straight coarse hair, he will not be able to rock the Jonas Brother's haircut... sorry.

The best scenario is when the stylist and the parent can work together and figure out what works best for your kid. The only way for this to happen is consistency. Take your child to the same place, even to the same stylist. This all creates a safe environment for your child, and helps whoever cuts their hair to adapt their style to your child.

Last, and certainly NOT least, I plea, I beg, please change your child's smelly diaper before your put them in my chair. I don't have kids yet, and have not adapted to the smell of poopy diaper. It makes me puke! And if your child is of BO age, please smell them before your bring them in. I am not a robot... I have a nose too!

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