Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm just following the bunny!

My mind if full tonight, so I am sorry if this blog is just one bug tangled bunny trail. There is just so much going on in my head that if I don't get some of it out t may just explode!

Most of which is going on inside my head I do not wish to share with the entire world wide web...

Remember when it was called that? (readers who weren't around before the Internet was formed, that is what the Internet used to be referred to as, and as such what www stands for, in case you were wondering)

Today was crazy at the salon, we were two stylist and a desk-man short, and four people decided that they needed hair color all at the same time. And while in an effort to diminish the crowd crazies, and print up some of my beautifully designed sign in sheets, I realized that the printer's ink cartridge had been stolen! (Or Hybe or Ilir took it out to get a new one, but stolen sounds much more dramatic) So I hand wrote some sheets and stuck them on a clip board. Alas all was well again in the waiting area.

I got some pretty awesome ink on my forearm of a pair of scissors and some wind behind them. I love it so much. It reminds me everyday of the gift that God has given me in my hair talents, and what a great ministry tool that will be for me some day. Its healing up pretty nicely, I am the bionic woman when it comes to tat's healing.

God is so amazing, sometimes I love to just remember all the moments when Justin and I would not have made it with out him. How many times a bill needed to be paid, or a situation needed to be resolved, or healing needed... he has always provided for us. That is why I am starting my prayer journal back up. I love to write letters to God, its my most effective form of prayer in that it keeps me focused. I also feel so connected to God when I see the words on the page, my heart poured out to him in a physical state. I also LOVE that I can go back and add notes when a prayer is answered. It helps you to see how God moves in your life. I highly recommend it if you feel like you never get answers, because with the journal you can see them plain and simple. (I was going to say in Black and White, but you could use yellow paper and pink ink... so in whatever colors you use)

I can't wait for my hair to grow long again.

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