Thursday, March 25, 2010

C2 part 2

Today started as a typical Thursday. Got up, showered, walked the dogs, kissed the husband, got coffee, went to work... that was as far as my good day went.

I was turning on the lights and unlocking the doors of the salon when I happened to glance out to the parking lot, and what do I see? C2 walking up to the salon. I tried my hardest to greet her kindly, and then she started in. She acted like she hadn't already came in to complain about her hair, I don't know if she has MPD (multiple personality disorder) or is schizophrenic or just had a senior moment but C2 legitimately acted like we hadn't already discussed everything she was already going over. She didn't like the "ash" of the base color (it was a level seven GOLD) and she wanted more light pieces around her face. We debated what gold looked like for about 35 minutes, she again she showed me pictures but would not pick a hair swatch.... GRRRRR

I offered the following suggestion. I would lift her hair with a gold (with yellow additive just to be sure) but the pattern and 3 different colors would still be evident. That took another 15 mins to explain how just putting one color on hair that was already three colors wouldn't just make it all one color. Thank God the swatch book displays what the color looks like on white and on brown hair so I had a visual for her!

So I put a 10GB on her hair with yellow additive and 40 volume for about 10 mins. Shampooed her hair and began blow drying. The psycho will not sit still and keeps trying to stand up to look at her hair. Finally I get a front section dry so she can see it. OF COURSE she is NOT happy with it. Now the front is to light. She likes the back and the sides but things the front is white and has no differential in color. OMG! I offer to add a low light to the front but inform her that if I do the front would look darker, since her hair is so thin, and she CLEARLY stated 30 mins ago that she wanted the front of her hair lighter.

She seriously looks at the girl who works in the station next to me and says "can you see what I'm talking about? How the front is all one color?" My co-worker goes "um, no, I see the three different colors." Well, that just makes C2 all huffy and she explains how she has to go home and style her hair cause she can't go to work looking like that. LOL CRAZY if you would just sit down I would finish styling your 5 pieces of hair!

So C2 storms out. By this time the rest of the girls had arrived at work and were venting for me about how horrid this lady was. I seriously felt like I could cry. She had me so tangled and frustrated inside I almost lost it.

Yet, as my world @ the salon turns, about three hours later the phone rings. Its C2. She is calling to make sure that I will still cut her hair in the future and tell me she didn't mean to ruin my day...


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  1. Tee hee hee...sorry to giggle at your misfortune, but I'm still picturing her with a mullet. Next time, GO WITH THE MULLET...she won't come back! ;o)