Monday, February 20, 2012

A doozy of a come back!

It has been a very long seven months since I have last shared my life with the blogasphere. The new job has me crazy busy, and the better environment has left me with a lot less to complain or make fun of. I do have a few crazy stories stored up my sleeve though, so look for those to come soon!

This is a post of another nature, one of which I will share some of my heart with you all! This will be a doozy of a come back! Ready?

Typically I am a very private person, but sharing our story has been on my heart lately. Someone has to hear it, and maybe walk through it with us.  I trust that eventually, at the end of this, there will come our moment to praise Him for all he has done for us. I know God will see us through.

Justin and I have been "Not, not trying" to have a baby for a year and a half or so now. We haven't been taking temperatures, or counting days, or anything like that. We also haven't been taking any preventative measures either. My period has been irregular pretty much since I stopped taking my birth control, I gained weight, and I had PMS like never before! Then came August of this year. September, October, November...and even a few weeks of December came and there was no period. I felt fat and bloated, moody and tired. It was finally time to call a doctor to see what all of this was about.

I was referred to a super cool Dr, who listens and actually pays attention to what I say. She talked, blood tested, ultrasounded...
      OMG! Let me digress about the ultrasound! No one warned me that unless you are major prego the ultrasound is INTERNAL! Just imagine that surprise! I mean, I didn't even shave my legs!

...did more blood tests, etc. It was about a two month process (mostly because they have to take blood on certain days of your cycle, and well, I don't cycle) and finally came the diagnosis. I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Polly sister over who's a what's it?

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is something about 1 in every 10 women have. The most obvious symptom is ovarian cysts, but it can also cause weight gain, mood swings, facial hair, sex drive issues, fatigue, irregular periods, and most notably fertility issues due to the lack of ovulation.

On average a woman with PCOS will only have 5 to 8 periods a year, which means only 5 to 8 chances to make a baby a year. Thank GOD I have a great doctor though who is willing to try some therapies with me, even though we aren't technically infertile (to be classified with fertility issues you must have been activly trying to concieve for at least a year). Our first try will be Metphormin. Metphormin is given to diabetics to help their bodies regulate their insulin. They find this therapy works on women with PCOS because the cysts are caused by your body not regulating your insulin well. Once the cysts are under control, you will ovulate again.

I really hope this works.

What sparked me sharing this with all of you is the constant "When are you guys going to have kids?" Having being married 4 years it is the normal progression of things, and I know people love babies and want you to be a sleep deprived as they are. I never really had a problem with this question until it was brought to my attention that we may not be able to have kids.

With PCOS is is highly likely that we WILL eventually concieve and have the four beautiful ginger kids that we want to have... but what if we couldn't? No one ever thinks of that when they are asking you about having kids, and they don't see the pain underneath when you slyly say "Oh, some day" and brush the conversation to the side.

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