Friday, July 8, 2011

29 Things to NEVER, EVER Say to Your Hairstylist

Did you know that your hairstylist went to school? That's right! If you are seeing a licensed hairstylist he or she has completed the state requirements to conduct all matters relating to cosmetology. In Illinois this means having a high school diploma or GED, completing1500 hours of cosmetology school, paying the $15,000 tuition, passing the state licensing board exam, and paying the $180 licensing fee.

Why the job requirement information?

Sometimes I feel, as do many hairstylists, that people look down on our career, as if its a part time situation on our way to something bigger and better. Truthfully, it doesn't get any bigger or better for me! Believe me, I have done it all. I went to college for 2 years, I worked in numerous different professional atmospheres, and even tried the move across the country route. I have experienced more professionally, and would even say have succeeded more than most other soon-to-be 29 year olds that I know. I mean come on... I am an "ist". I rank up there with biologists, therapists, and sociologists. So don't look at me like I could be doing more with my life... because truthfully I am probably more successful, and way more happy than you Mr. tie wearing comb over dude!

So, with our 29 theme, and on this very topic... here is another list for the birthday month!
29 Things to NEVER, EVER Say to Your Hairstylist
  • Is this your ONLY job?
  • You don't look old enough to be the manager.
  • Can you cut my kind of hair?
  • Can you live off what you make here?
  • You know what you are doing right?
  • You aren't a natural blond.
  • So you hate picky customers?
  • I don't know, you're the professional.
  • So, did you like have to go to school for this?
  • Are you still in college?
  • Can you show me how much an inch is?
  • You won't give me a bad haircut cause you are in a bad mood will you?
  • Its Saturday, why is there a wait?
  • Can you do this quick, but make it good, I'm in a hurry.
  • Suave Professional is just as good as Redken right?
  • Oh, I can buy that at WalMart.
  • What shampoo should I use that I can buy at the grocery store?
  • No, I didn't box color my hair.
  • Whats a good tip amount?
  • How can you stand having hair all over you!
  • Why do you have scissors tattooed on you?
  • I like that choppy look, but really blended in.
  • Well, my sister's husband's cousin's hair stylist will do it for $____.
  • Will you do my hair at your house? That way you can do it cheaper and keep all the money.
  • You can fade right? 
  • So, did you get those scissors at Walmart? You know they have hair cutting scissors there!
  • I want my hair like yours, but 4 inches shorter, and with no layers, and straight bangs instead, and brown not blond.
  • Can you teach me how to foil so I can do my friend's hair?
  • Whats the craziest story someone has ever told you?
  • Do you like Pantene?
Well, there you go guys. A list of 29 things I hear on a regular basis that I have to stop myself from using some sarcastic retort, as to keep my clients happy!

So please, as a birthday present to me, next time you sit in your hairstylists chair, please refrain from the ridiculousness that is that list, and just  use common sense when talking to your stylist.

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