Thursday, March 10, 2011

Change is good, it stirs the soul.

I've neglected you guys for almost a month now, but there is good reason! I had a lot going on in my mind, just couldn't quite share it with you yet. Now that I have shared whats on my heart with people that it affects, I can share it with you!

I have left the salon I have been at for a new opportunity!

There comes a time in every one's career where they make a change. Weather its feeling trapped, needing a new environment, looking for more opportunities, or just feeling the itch for something new everyone does it eventually.

Change is good, it stirs the soul.

That is what I keep telling myself at least...

I love doing hair, and I look forward to my new career opportunity, but its a scary thing. When you are somewhere for four years you get comfortable. Your peers become your family, you get to know every little nuance of their life. You see them 40+ hours a week and live your lives together. You know how everything works, where everything is, and what to expect.

I believe that this change is part of the bigger plan that God has for Justin and I. I am so excited for the future and to see where all of this is heading!  A new job is like a new relationship, and I hope to be able to build this one and do the best at it that I can.  I'm so glad that I still get to do hair and make Rockford a more beautiful place... and excited for my new opportunities!

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