Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A First Created by a Record Breaker

So, Ive decided to do my first ever photoblog, which was inspired by the 13.9 inches of snow we got last night. These then created 6 foot snow drifts, and shut down our town.

This is what it started to look like Monday Night. At this time I was praying for the snow to come that night so I could have an extra day off! 

Instead, we closed the salon early when the storm hit Tuesday. By the time I got home there was already 3 inches of snow!

Once it started to get dark the pictures didn't turn out as well, but you can see that the bricks are now covered and there is much more snow!

This was around 8:30pm. Madden and Bella, our dogs, love the snow!

This was around 2am. As you can see the snow was about 8 inches by then with 12 inch drifts. This was when I went to sleep.

I woke up to this. 13.9 inches of show on the ground. Drifts of 6 foot. 

The snow was so high we couldn't get out the front door or the back door. This is Bella wishing she could get outside!

When Justin go home last nigh this was as far as he could get into the driveway... I had fun shoveling THAT out. Thank God for neighbors!

Finally we got outside through the side garage door. The pupz loved it!

It was a nice snow day. The entire city closed down. Neighbors helped me shovel, since Justin is all gimped out right now. Now I am exhausted and going to relax and watch some movies. I hope you enjoyed my day!

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