Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man!

The other day a man and his wife came into the salon. As I greeted them and asked how we could help them I was bluntly interrupted by the wife saying that "he" needed a haircut. Before I could even speak she ordered him to sit down and she pulled me over to the haircut chart and showed me how "he" wanted his haircut. Her husband then spun around in the chair and was objecting with how she wanted his haircut. I go back to the chair and although he couldn't fully express how he wanted his hair cut he did know he did not want it as short as the picture and wanted it cut with just scissors, not clippers. She kept interrupting him and barking orders at him... and it made me think...

Why do women do these things to their husbands?  Why can't you let your man be a MAN?

Now before you all go on and think into this at all I am NOT saying that your man should yell, hit, scream, bark orders, control, or anything else like that. That is NOT a man.

It makes me incredibly sad to see a man controlled or beat down to the point where he is no longer a man. When they hold their head low, let their wife bark orders, tell them what to do and how to do it. That is not the way a man should act, or the way a man should be treated. In fact its not the way a woman should be treated either... but that's not what this blog is about.

Man was created to be the head of the household. To be the spiritual leader, to make smart decisions for the family, and to be a MAN! He should be strong, confident, and able to make his own choices on how he would like his hair cut!

Now, don't get me wrong. Being married for three years I have learned a tiny little bit about being the neck of the relationship! What does that mean? Although my husband is the head, I am the neck. I support and move the head in directions that I want... just not in a bossy overpowering way. I kindly make suggestions or plant ideas until what I want is accomplished. He will eventually think it was his idea to do whatever it is that I have been nagging about, thus I will get my way! But I will never de-masculine-ise my husband. He is a MAN. I didn't marry a woman, so I would never want him to act like one.

Being a hairstylist I may complain about how he wants his hair cut. He likes it short, I like it longer. I try to do a 3 instead of a 2, I try to get him to do something to it... but alas I never win and my husband sports a short fade.

I guess its better than him having pig tails and wearing the skirt in the relationship...

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