Monday, September 20, 2010

There isn't much in life you can have control of, your hair is an exception though...

Its been a while since I got to say what was on my mind. Mostly because we moved, and the lack of internet connection keeps me from my blogs... but also because I haven't been feeling inspired. I blame that on the poop brown hair that is currently sitting a top my hair. It makes me sad, but it must stay if I want to have hair.

Ive been going through this process of trying to grow out my hair for 2 years now. I made a huge mistake in the first year and cut it all off again. I just couldn't handle the in-between mullet look. Then I made the mistake of deciding to bleach it all, which broke off a good 2 inches on top. So that put a little snag in the growing out process. Now Ive decided that I just need to NOT bleach it for a few months (I usually do so every 3 weeks to cover my roots) if I ever want it to get long again.

So here I am, in the most depressing weather of the year (rainy, cloudy, dreary) with this depressing hair on my head, trying to figure out how to make it work. What kind of make-up should I wear, what colors can I wear, how can I style it? Why is it that I feel all of this needs to change just because my hair is darker now?

Women do this a lot. When we are losing control of something around us, or we have a big life change, or something is bothering us we change our hair. Although not the story this time, I have fallen victim to this trend. Chop it off, color it, perm it... crazy things we do when we don't have control of the things around us. We control something we can, our hair!

Its a pattern as old as time. Women want to be in control, we loose control, we control something we can.  Sometimes once life calms down we love what we do. We are all smiles and find our new hairstyle fun. Sometimes we hate what we have done, morn the loss of our hair, and go deeper into depression.

Either way its done. There is no turning back.

So I guess my point would be make sure that you think things through when you are stressed out and decide to overhaul your look. Don't just act on emotion and pull a Brittney. 

Unless you can afford $500+ for extensions every four months or so. And that's for the nasty cheap looking ones that Ms. Spears usually rocks.

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  1. I'm trying to grow out my hair. Just wanted to say I feel your pain on the in between mullet look. Also, it's been forever since I've seen you.