Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is there such a thing as a mid-career crisis?

I don't know if this would be considered a mid-career crisis, or maybe just PMS, but either way its something...

For years and years I have done hair. Legally and educated for about six, but I started doing up-dos my junior year of high school and highlighting whoever would let me even earlier than that. Hairstyling was always a hobby for me, nothing I really considered a career until it seems as though I had exhausted every other option. I believe I have tried on almost every career, seriously though. Here is a list of every job I have had (I will start at the beginning and try to go chronologically): babysitter, home remodel-er, Sunday school teacher, Subway sandwich artist, vacation sales person, magazine customer service, pizza maker, chiropractic assistant, pizza place assistant manager, nanny, accounting assistant, telemarketer, cashier, dish network sales person... and then came hair.

I decided to finally attempt to do something I liked after I had done everything that I didn't like. I love doing hair, it lets me be creative and work with people. I get to make people feel good about themselves and hopefully make some sort of impact in their lives. Lately though I feel like its all I do.

I feel like I have lost myself in this world of career driven days and sleepy nights. Doing hair was my hobby, and now that its my career I have no hobbies outside of the salon. I sleep and I facebook. When my brain is full or I have done something Downtown that is blog worthy I write. Other than that there isn't too much. The sad part is that I don't even know what I WANT to do. I have no idea what I would enjoy doing or what would bring me joy outside of my job. I feel like a single faceted woman who has nothing interesting about her outside of what she can do to people's hair.

I think for most people they feel that if their hobby could become their career it would be nothing but a win-win situation. You don't realize that when that happens your work life and your recreational life combine and there is no get away from work. (Not to mention that just like an electrician or a mechanic people are always asking you to work outside of work) Its almost as though you loose a part of yourself.

So whats the remedy to all of this? I need to find things I enjoy doing outside of work and home. Something that gets me away from the craziness of life, if even just for an hour a week. Maybe I will go on a hobby try out period, or maybe I'll get lost in the blogger world and share my opinions about everything with everyone all the time. You are all interesting in the neurotics of my brain right?

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