Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who doesn't love a white smile

I love having a white smile.

I'm pretty much OBSESSED with it!

I have the strips, the gel, the tooth paste, the at-home remedies. I pretty much have done it all to keep my pearly whites white! I have over bleached my teeth to the point where I have found cracks in my enamel and blisters on my gums.

I think it stems from being a brace face for so many years of my life. I want to make sure that my teeth stay pretty and white because for so many years they weren't! I have been letting it slack the last few months because I really had over done it and made my teeth very sensitive.

Then in walks my Sugar and Spice Vox Box from Influenster! Influenster is this fun website that I am on where you review and share products, answer questions from users and just have fun and talk about things you love. I was so excited to be chosen as one of the few who got a Sugar and Spice Vox Box so that I could try out some new products! In there was my Colgate Optic White System!

They sent me the mouth wash, the tooth paste, and the tooth brush. I can honestly say I am IN LOVE and will defiantly be purchasing these products once I run out of my awesome supply from Influenster.

Colgate Optic White has made my mouth feel so so clean and kept it feeling like that all day long! I was truly amazed after using it before bed, that when I woke up my teeth felt fresh and clean, and my breath wasn't as horrible as it normally is in the morning! 
The whitening effects are still under way (it takes about a week to see full results) but I have noticed my teeth just look healthier and brighter from using the Optic White! Especially in between my teeth which typically is a hard place to whiten! The mouth wash is all foamy and gets into those hard to reach areas, as cliche as it sounds :) Its a little tingly, but not too much like Listerene or anything, and the mint is a nice flavor. It also protects your teeth from future stains, which is huge for a coffee lover like myself! I think whatever ingredient is in Optic White that makes it protect against the stains is what keeps your teeth feeling so clean! It truly is amazing. I have never experienced anything like it before!
Thanks again Influenster for the awesome chance to try out Optic White! You've made this girl a believer!

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